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View this PDF for a list of answers to the following questions:

1.           What are ag-plastics?

2.           What typically happens to ag-plastics? 

3.           Why is there a need to recycle ag-plastics?

4.           Are there any estimates of the amount of ag-plastic generated in Alberta in a year? (Additionally, are there any                  estimates of the amount of grain bags and plastic twine generated in Alberta in a year?)

5.           The Alberta Ag-Plastic: Recycle It! pilot project currently includes only grain bags and plastic twine. Why?

6.           Are there any plans to expand the scope of the Alberta Ag-Plastics: Recycle It! pilot project? Why or why not?

7.           When did the Alberta Ag-Plastics: Recycle It! pilot begin? When will it end?

8.           How will it be determined if the project is a success?

9.           Is there a plan to continue with the collection sites once the pilot has ended?

10.        Are there collections sites throughout Alberta?

11.        How were the locations determined?

12.        What sort of uptake have you had so far?

13.        What happens to the materials once they are collected at the collection sites?

14.        What are some of the end uses for the recycled materials?

15.        What is extended producer responsibility (EPR)?

16.        How would an EPR system be funded?

17.        Why do many programs opt for a (visible) EHF?

18.        Is there value in used ag-plastics?

19.        If ag-plastics have value, why do Farmers need to pay for an EHF?

20.        What will be the cost to implement EPR for ag-plastics in Alberta?

21.        Under an ag-plastics EPR program in Alberta, will there be an ongoing cost to the municipalities for collection                   or will producer/first seller funding offset the costs for collection?

22.        Will ag-plastic EPR programs in Alberta be managed as a deposit program that will be refunded when the                         product is returned to a collection site?

23.        How can a stakeholder be assured that the revenue being collected through the program is properly handled?


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